Victor Poison Moleworms, Yellow 10 Count

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Quickly and effectively stop your mole infestation that is happening in your yard with Victor's Poisonous Moleworms!

  • Ready to use kit includes: 10 Moleworms, 5 Locator Flags, 1 Pair of Gloves. 
  • Design mimics the appearance of earthworms. 
  • Intended use: Place in underground tunnels and runways.
  • Color: Yellow Worms.
  • Material: Poisonous Worms.
  • Not to be placed in areas accessible to pets and childern.

Victor poison moleworms are formulated to be delicious to a moles palate. This product is to be used in underground tunnels & runways. When the worms are consumed by the moles the poison works quickly to eliminate the mole. Per the instructions, locate the tunnels in your yard, place a moleworm in the tunnel, and reseal the spot with dirt. Repeat these steps every 5 to 10 feet. The kit also includes locator flags, for you to mark the active tunnels! Do not place in areas accessible to children & pets. So put an end to the pests in your yard and get back to enjoying your lawn!