Shinerich Industrial Outdoor Circular Ranch Fire and Grilling Metal Pit, Black, 24

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This wood-burning fire pit will bring your friends and family together this season as you grill your dinner, and enjoy the warmth created from the crackling fire!

Key Product Features

  • Includes a circular metal ring located at the base to stabilize and secure the fire pit.
  • Grill piece can swivel a full 360 degrees, allowing for easy reach and an evenly cooked meal.
  • Secured by screws, you can adjust the height of the grill as you prefer.
  • The thick outer ledge is designed to allow for easy access to roasting materials and provides a place to rest your feet.
  • Metal grill material is safe to cook food on directly, and large enough that you can fit numerous portions of food on top. Comes in handy when hosting bigger crowds.
  • Dimensions: 26"L x 26"W x 23"H.
  • Black powder coated finish to ward away rust. Maintains condition for a long time, even when left outdoors season after season.

A collapsible triangle frame rack is included so you can prop your burning logs on top. This was designed to allow for enough oxygen flow under the fire to keep it burning, as well as having the flames away from the metal bottom keeps this product in a great condition for an extended period of time. It's easy to clean up and easy to cook over charcoal. The metal poker included gives you access to the center of the firepit without your hands burning from close proximity of the heat.