Pride Garden Products Grower Hanging Baskets with AquaSav Smart Coco Liner, 16

UPC: 814699014534
Sale price$20.88

AquaSav’s Hanging Baskets with Smart Coco Liners are the best way to hang your plants!

  • Basket Dimensions: 16 inch diameter with 7 inch height
  • Liquid Volume: 4 gallons
  • Contains a unique liner made of recycled plastic
  • Excess water will go over the edge
  • Tray holds water to help your plants stay moist reducing the amount of watering
  • Still gets natural air circulation for healthy growth
  • Basket is black and is held by 4 strands of wire

These Hanging Baskets with Smart Coco Liners by AquaSav have a better design than ordinary liners, while still giving you the look you are desiring. They are special because they contain a unique liner that goes part of the way up inside of them, which is made of recycled plastic, to create a water tray inside. The excess water will flow over the trays edge and the remaining water will stay to help water your plants as they need it, reducing that amount of watering needed. The Coco Liners still have plenty of room for air flow for your roots to grow healthily, while sitting in their black wire basket that is held by 4 wire strands. These attributes will give you happy plants, which will in turn make you happy also!