Old World Christmas Toucan Ornament for Christmas Tree

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Brighten your holiday decor with this glass blown tropical toucan ornament!

Key Product Features

  • Our Christmas Ornaments have been hand-crafted using age-old traditions that originated in the 1800s 
  • These Christmas tree ornaments are hand-painted and mouth-blown
  • Our unique Christmas ornaments can be hung on your Christmas tree or will sit upright on a flat surface
  • Hand-painted for a quality product
  • Dimensions: 2 X 3 X 4.25 (HxLxW)

Toucans are native to South America and are most notably recognized for their large beaks. A toucan's beak can grow larger than its body! Native tribes describe the toucan as a symbol of communication and showmanship. The toucan's colorful appearance and large bill indicate a desire to be seen and heard. Great for animal lovers!