Old World Christmas Blown Glass Christmas Ornament, Hand Sanitizer

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Celebrate a year of keeping your hands clean with this fun hand sanitizer ornament from Old World Christmas!

Key Product Features

  • Our Christmas Ornaments have been hand-crafted using age-old traditions that originated in the 1800s
  • Give this as a gift as a way to celebrate staying clean and healthy!
  • These Christmas tree ornaments are hand-painted and mouth-blown to provide you with a beautifully crafted and high-quality ornament
  • Our unique Christmas ornaments can be hung on your Christmas tree or will sit upright on a flat surface
  • Dimensions: 4.75 X 1.25 X 2 (HxLxW)

2020 was quite the year for hand sanitizer! Seems as if everyone was taking the extra safety measure of sanitizing their hands. But good luck finding it on the shelves! This ornament is a humorous way to pay homage to yet another memorable event of the Hand Sanitizer Shortage of 2020. This highly sought-after product was hard to come by for months! Hanging it on you tree would be a funny tip of the hat to one of the strangest shortages in history.