Old World Christmas Glass Blown Ornament, Catfish, 4.5"

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This ornament is sure to become a treasured piece of any holiday décor!

Product Features

  • Primary Materials: Blown glass, hand painted with glitter details
  • Crafting Technique: Mouth blown molten glass into finely carved molds
  • Detailing: Hand painted and glittered, finished on all sides
  • Heart bauble depicts the OWC Trademark logo
  • Comes in an Old World Christmas box, that is perfect for storage or gift giving
  • Dimensions: 1.5 X 1.5 X 4.5 (HxLxW)

Fish on! Catfish are named for the prominent barbels on their face that resemble a cat’s whiskers. These nocturnal and diurnal animals are often active during the twilight hours and at night. Catfish can range in size from parasitic to 770 pounds! Perfect for the fisherman on your list!