Novelty Metallic Cache Round Resin Flower Pot Planter

UPC: 026978630650
Sale price$9.99
Planter Size: 6 Inches
Planter Color: Copper

Decorative, affordable solution for small plants like orchids, bamboo or bonsai trees!

Key Product Features

  • Metallic sheen catches light for a unique finish
  • Made from a proprietary ArtLumin stone resin hybrid material
  • Full depth allows for numerous grower pot Drop-In sizes
  • Clean lines and simplistic profile lends itself to any décor style
  • Lightweight material allows this pot to move all over your home 

Give your orchid, bamboo, bonsai tree or indoor foliage a decorative home in a beautiful Metallic Cache Pot Planter. Constructed with a durable blend of high-grade plastic and stone, these planters feature a beautiful, one-of-a-kind metallic sheen that is sure to liven up any living space. If you are looking for an easy drop-in planter, this is the one for you. Easily drop in grow pots of your favorite plants or flowers and watch as these show-off your beautiful plant babies. These cache pots are simple, modern planters and add a wonderful aesthetic to your décor.