Novelty EarthBox Natural Replant Kit

UPC: 026978811011
Sale price$22.99

You’ll be delighted to see the high yields and convenience of growing with the EarthBox Replant Kit.

Key Product Features

  • Each kit plants one gardening system
  • 1 lb. of Fertilizer (Natural-NPK-8-3-5)
  • 1 lb. of Natural Dolomite
  • 2 Reversible Black & White Mulch Covers
  • Instruction manual included

Begin your next growing season with an EarthBox Replant Kit. The kit includes pre-measured nutrients, two mulch covers, instructions, and a planting chart to make your container gardening set-up super easy. Each component within the replant kit is extremely important to the success of each EarthBox Gardening System. The slow-release fertilizer is absorbed at just the right pace throughout the growing season, so you don’t have to worry about adding additional or unnecessary ingredients at different times or stages of the plant’s life cycle. The dolomite is necessary to balance the pH of the potting mix so your plant stays happy and can retain water and nutrients. The mulch cover keeps all the nutrients packed in, and the weeds out, and controls the environment within the container. Use the bonus mulch cover for a second growing season or use it to winterize your EarthBox.