Nature's Mace Squirrel Repellent Concentrate/Covers 28,000 Sq Ft, 40oz

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Our Squirrel MACE formula is scientifically backed to have more active ingredients than any other squirrel repellents!

Key Product Features

  • Our repellent has the power and strength to completely repel squirrels, chipmunks, and raccoons.
  • Our squirrel repellent is strong and powerful because it uses a scientific combination of scents & odors found in nature.
  • Nature’s MACE products are bio-degradable and non-toxic.
  • Our spray is safe for use arounds plants, pets, vegetation and children.
  • Feel confident in protecting your garden without using harmful chemicals on vegetables and fruits.
  • Repel squirrels, chipmunks, and raccoons all season long weather it spring, summer, fall or winter.

Our spray will not wash off during rain, irrigation or normal use.

Our Squirrel MACE formula will effectively cover and protect 28,000 sq. ft. Protect your lawn, garden, flowers, planters and feeders.