Nature's Mace Deer & Rabbit MACE Ready-to-Use Spray, 40oz

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Nature’s MACE deer and rabbit repellent will naturally change animal browsing behavior!

Key Product Features:

  • Ready to Use - Simple: Mess & Hassle Free!
  • Effectively repels deer and rabbit
  • Proven ingredients backed by university studies
  • Repels by scent, taste, and fear
  • For use in gardens, lawns, landscapes, trees, ornamental plants, vines, and flowers

Nature’s MACE Deer and Rabbit Repellent is manufactured with all-natural ingredients, and is safe for family, pets, plants, and the environment! Deer & Rabbit MACE is biodegradable, non-toxic, and incredibly easy to use. The weather-resistant formula provides for longer lasting year-round plant protection. Due to advanced sticking agents our product binds to plants and will not easily wash off! Equipped a nozzle capable of spraying up to 18ft, protecting those hard-to-reach areas! Liquid repellents are best for larger and more widespread areas, and for higher level plant protection such as trees and bushes.