Native Soil Natural Fertilizer and Soil Conditioner (1 pound)

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Return your soil to its native state while being friendly to the earth (1 pound)

  • All-natural, synthetic-free, sutainable fertilizer
  • Improves soil structure and quality
  • Regenerative soil product that works to improve soil structure to its native state
  • Reduces watering needs
  • Excellent source of carbon and organic matter
  • Binds Balanced Nutrients at the Root Zone to Maximize Plant Growth
  • Balance of Water Soluble and Slow-Release Nitrogen
  • Best with Nightshades (Tomatoes, Peppers, Eggplant), Hemp and Fruit Trees
  • Nutrients Are Slowly Released Naturally Over the Course of the Planting Season to Produce Tasty and Bountiful Crops While Protecting the Environment
  • One Bag Is All You Need to Last All Season Long

By the locals, for the locals, Native Soil is a natural fertilizer made from nutrient-rich organic waste products that are sustainably-sourced and sold in the United States. A unique blend of powdered algae and kelp, dehydrated beer grains, sterilized municipal waste and food scraps creates a high quality, sustainable product that improves your soil and helps your plants really pop. Native Soil reduces watering needs by making the soil more sponge-like

Plants need a handful of specific nutrients to thrive things like Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium and Sulfur. While most fertilizers provide these basic nutrients, Native Soil goes even further to provide organic matter and carbon. It is a synthetic-free, all-in- one solution for a bountiful yield, week-after-week of the entire growing season.

Native Soil is a local fertilizer. That’s important because conventional fertilizer companies mine their nutrients from tens of thousands of miles away. But not Upcycle & Co. Their minimal pollution process saves the environment and feeds your family by locally sourcing and preparing nutrients naturally. They don’t steal from the earth. They don’t ship from far away. They do it right because they believe it’s the right thing to do.

Uses: Fertilize new and existing plants, mix into your soil as a conditioner, mix into your compost or run it through your hydroponic system (drip irrigation is not recommended unless you have a good filter). Your tomatoes, fruit trees, flowers, hemp, and grasses will bloom longer, stronger and with superior flavor.