Michael Carr Designs Norton Croaker Brown Statue Outdoor Toad Figurine

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Sale price$14.99

Each critter is handmade and painted by a talented artisan to create life-like detail. The custom paints and glazes also guarantee that no two decorative statues are exactly the same giving you a unique addition to your garden.

Key Product Features

  • This animal statue is made out of high-quality Polyresin making it durable for the outdoors. The Polyresin has a coating to protect against cracking and peeling from sun exposure assuring your artwork will last.
  • Micheal Carr's yard decorations provide so many options for you to personalize your lawn, garden or patio how you want to. Each piece is unique and can be a cute decoration addition to any of your outdoor spaces.
  • The Norton Croaker sculpture design includes a motion sensor that croaks with the sound of actual birds and comes in both Mossy Green and Mossy Brown. Part of the Croaker and Toad Collection.
  • Measures approximately 5.5" x 5.5"
  • Orders are packaged with protective styrofoam to keep your order safe while in transit. Our collections begin with a craftsman molding the clay and ends in a rustic old world kiln, providing each piece with uniqueness.

With fashionable colors, soft raining finishes, and multiple styles, the Michael Carr Designs collection offers something for everyone. Our one-of-a-kind pottery collection is handmade, begins with a craftsman molding the clay and ends in a rustic old world kiln that provides each piece with its own uniqueness.