Michael Carr Designs Figurine for Gardens, Patios and Lawns, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppy

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Each critter is handmade and painted by a talented artisan to create life-like detail!

Key Product Features

  • Custom paints and glazes also guarantee that no two decorative statues are exactly the same giving you a unique addition to your garden
  • Made out of high-quality polyresin making it durable for the outdoors.
  • Polyresin has a coating to protect against cracking and peeling from sun exposure assuring your artwork will last
  • Micheal Carr's yard decorations provide so many options for you to personalize your lawn, garden or patio how you want to
  • Measures approximately 7 x 5.2 x 8 inches

The Puppy Love Collection of Michael Carr Critters features bread-specific designs for all the dog-lovers out there. These cute and lifelike creatures add personality and charm to any yard or garden. Each critter is hand-made from durable high-quality polyresin and then hand painted. The durable polyresin has a U.V. coating that resists cracking or chipping from the sun. However, if prolonged outdoor exposure occurs it is recommended to coat with an additional sealant to extend the life of the product.