Gardener Select Outdoor Round Coco Liner For Flower Pot Planters and Hanging Baskets, Brown, 14" (Pack of 1)

UPC: 049121132580
Sale price$11.99

Give your potted plants a taste of luxury with these aesthetically pleasing coco liners!

Key Product Features

  • Light brown in color
  • Encourages good drainage
  • Decorative as well as useful
  • Can last up to four years
  • Helps keep root rot away by increasing aeration
  • 14 inches in diameter

This product is easy to use! Simple place the round cocoa liner into your flower pot. Then, cover the liner with potting soil up to 2 inches to the top. A moisture-control soil is recommended as regular soil has a tendency to dry out faster. Then, pot your plants and water thoroughly. Great for indoor and outdoor use!