Gardener Select Vertical Lines Metal Watering Can Silver w/ Black Wash (2.5 gal)

UPC: 049121226944
Sale price$31.90

Water your plants faster and in fewer trips!

Key Product Features

  • Our large watering can has a capacity of 9.5 liters.
  • This watering pot has two rounded handles to make pouring easier and more comfortable.
  •  Product features a removable head. Removing the rosette allows you to control the flow of the water.
  • Galvanized and powder coated to help with rust resistance.
  • Measures 19.3in L x 8.7in W x 13.8in H

Can be used for watering plants and flowers in your home or outside. Features a wide mouth opening for quick filling from a sink or garden hose. Galvanized & powder coated for indoor or outdoor use. Dual handles make pouring & carrying easy. Removable rosettes. The stylized design makes this item an option for a decoration piece.