Garden Elements 4 Heads 96W LED Grow Light Growing Lamp for Indoor Plant Hydroponics, Black

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Increases plant health and vigor, without the need for direct sunlight!

Key Product Features

  • Four-head design allows you to point each light fixture in different directions, allowing all surrounding plants to receive their share of light
  • 196LED beads full-spectrum light is suitable for all stages of plant growth
  • Unlike traditional 3/6/12H or 3/9/12H 3-level timing settings, these grow lights feature wider timing adjustment ranges from 00:10 to 23:50 to customize the optimum illumination duration for different plants
  • Once it’s set, the full spectrum plant grow lights will turn off and restart automatically so the plants will be well attended for, even when you' re not around
  •  The plant bulbs are replaceable, which comes in handy when the life time of the bulb is at its end
  • Includes 4 switch modes and stepless dimming, which effectively supplements the lack of natural sunlight
  • Comes in a modern black color
  • Rectangular light fixture creates a wide beam of light, which allows for more plants to be covered

You also can choose one, two, three, or four lamps to be on at a single moment. In order to be able to position the light with ease, it includes a strong desk clip, and 4 bendable goosenecks between the clip. You can move this product to the desired position, and then adjust the distance between the lamp and the plant.