Flower Fairies Secret Garden, Fairy Crossing Sign

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This beautiful Sign is perfect for showing the way to your garden. It also acts as a crossing sign for fairies so that they always know where they are going.

Product features

  • Based on the artwork of English illustrator Cicely Mary Barker
  • Specifically painted, sculpted in durable, colorful plastic
  • Each accessory is scaled for use with Flower Fairies Garden Fairies
  • For use in indoor and outdoor fairy gardens
  • Packaged in protective clear blister package

The Flower Fairies Small Accessories are perfect for decorating your imaginary garden scenes. This garden sign features a viny plant twisted around a bundle of twigs. It has two leaves, each with an inscription on them (Fairy Crossing & Garden). They are made of durable plastic and are realistic in a vintage style, offering an old fashion feel. Each accessory is designed with strong attention to detail, including consistent scale across characters and items. Accessories are scaled for use with Flower Fairies Garden Fairies. These pieces are designed for young gardeners, ages six and older and encourage interactive play.  Flower Fairies and their accessories are a special gift that all can enjoy collecting!