Flower Fairies Mixed Case Gift Pack Fairies For Garden, Bulk (Pack of 8)

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Now you can receive multiples of your favorite flower fairies!

Key Product Features

  • With this purchase you will receive (2) Scilla Fairies w/ Umbrella Flowers, (2) Mulberry Fairies Limited Edition, (2) Baby Apple Blossoms w/ Wishing Wells, and (2) Rose Fairies w/ Flower Chairs
  • These miniatures are sure to delight your child and encourage their imagination, allowing for hours of fun in the backyard!
  • Created from plastic, you can keep these items outdoors all season long, without worrying about them being harmed from the weather elements
  • Each fairy comes in the original blister packaging
  • Average fairy size ranges from 2-7 inches tall

All the fairies in the Flower Fairies Secret Garden line are beautifully crafted of durable plastic and are realistic in a vintage style, offering an old fashion feel. Each accessory is designed with strong attention to detail, including consistent scale across characters and items. Accessories are scaled for use with Flower Fairies Garden Fairies. These elegant fairies are perfect for populating your real or imaginary garden. There are additional accessories that can also be added to your magical gardens. Flower Fairies and their accessories are a special gift that all enjoy collecting!