Espoma Organic 8-0-0 Lawn Food, Summer Revitalizer Natural & Organic for All Lawns, Provides Iron & Long-Lasting Organic Nitrogen for a Greener Lawn, 30 lb Bag

UPC: 050197057301
Sale price$45.99

Keep your lawn an idyllic green this summer with revitalizing Lawn Food from Espoma!

Key Product Features

  • Turns Yellow Lawns Green, Guaranteed Analysis 8-0-0
  • Will Not Stain Concrete, Sidewalks or Driveways
  • Enhanced With Bio-tone Beneficial Microbes
  • Will Not Burn Lawns or Leach Out of Soil
  • 100-percent Natural and Organic Approved
  • Safe for Kids, Pets, and the Environment

The Espoma Organic Summer Revitalizer provides long-lasting nutrition and creates a healthy lawn and healthy soil, all chemical-free. It will not burn your lawn or leach out of the soil. It contains Bio-tone microbes that help to make nutrients more available to your lawn. These microbes will help to promote faster greening, deeper roots, and improved soil structure. This fertilizer provides 2.5 times more slow release nitrogen than a conventional lawn program.