Esbenshade’s 5-10-5 Transplant Root Stimulator, “Natural Growth Formula”, 32 oz

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Esbenshade’s 5-10-5 Transplant Root Stimulator, “Natural Growth Formula” is just what your plants need to grow strong and beautiful.

Key Features

  • Stimulates rapid root growth
  • Prevents plant stress
  • Reduces frequency of watering requirements
  • Contains Nitrogen to promote healthy leaves, Phosphorus to stimulate growth and Potassium to protect against disease
  • Derived primarily from Hydrolyzed fish, cold-pressed seaweed and humic acid
  • Easy to use, simply mix with water and apply directly to new or established plants
  • Contents: 32 fluid ounces

This Transplant Root Stimulator stimulates rapid root growth, prevents plant stress, and reduces watering requirements. Bioplex 5-10-5 is a fortified Natural-Based Fertilizer complex, derived primarily from hydrolized fish, cold processed seaweed, and humic acid.