Dalen Gardeneer Rotating Head Great Horned Owl, 18"

UPC: 016069006679
Sale price$34.99

The all-natural way to keep pests away from your prized plants!

Key Product Features

  • You will receive one product with this purchase
  • Delicately detailed owl statue
  • 350-degree rotating head
  • Piercing big eyes will strike fear into any bird or pest
  • Weather proof and durable for long-time usage
  • Realistic design adds a stylish element to any garden patio
  • Dark brown and white in color
  • Easy to move and transport

Our bird repellent scarecrow fake owl decoy can be used as a garden scarecrow, yard scarecrow, balcony birds repellant, or outdoor owl for your backyard or front porch. You name it! For increased efficiency, relocate these statues to different places around your garden so that the creatures do not get familiar with their location.