Dalen Gardeneer Plastic Fence for Garden Edging 3 Feet Wide by 50 Feet Long

UPC: 016069001100
Sale price$29.99

We designed this plastic fence garden role to provide you with a simple way to create a protective edge around your garden, yard, or lawn!

Key Product Features

  • It keeps pests and small animals out while making sure your plants and flowers stay safe.
  • Made using only recycled plastic that’s durable, resistant to rust, and safe to use.
  • Unlike chicken wire fencing, our plastic fencing is safer, lighter, and made to provide long term use in most weather conditions.
  • Can easily be installed on your own in a matter of minutes.
Made to provide long term use for flowers, vegetable garden projects, vining plants, animal enclosures, lawn, poultry, construction sites, and more making it the perfect choice for any home.