CWP Heavy Gauge Footed Carpet Saver Saucer, 16-Inch Diameter, Clear

UPC: 759188000165
Sale price$16.99

Stop water leaking from the bottom of your plant pot onto your clean floorboards!

Key Product Features

  • This saucer is designed to catch water, dirt, and debris from your plant pot so you can keep your home and garden clean and tidy!
  • Constructed from a strong material that won’t crack, leak, or break
  • Measuring 16” across at the top and designed with deep gauges to prevent water overflow
  • Clear circular saucer can handle heavy pots without getting crushed
  • Use them indoors or outdoors, season after season

The ridges at the bottom of our plant saucers raise your plant pots for optimal water drainage that stops the soil from getting waterlogged. This prevents the roots from rotting and allows your plant to soak up water later if needed.

Beautify the bases of your favorite potted plants while protecting your surfaces against moisture. Add a touch of color and class with river rocks in your new saucers! Prefer to leave them empty? Then their clear coloring ensures they won’t take attention away from your plants. Ideal for fine-tuning your home decor or as part of a gardening project!