Clauss AirShoc Titanium Non-Stick Hedge Shear Replacement Blade

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The Clauss AirShoc Titanium Non-Stick Stainless-Steel Hedge Shear Replacement blade is the perfect replacement for the Clauss AirShoc Hedge Shears.

  • Titanium Bonded Blades are 5 Times Stronger than Stainless Steel
  • AirShoc Impact Resistance Grips
  • Tool-less Blade Replacements
  • Measurements: 12.01 x 0.59 x 6.3 inches

AirShoc Line of Lawn and Garden Tools Titanium Non-Stick blade will resist saps and adhesives. Blade is 5x harder than untreated steel and will stay sharper longer. Constructed of the finest carbon SK steel and forged to hold an edge. Blades can be replaced in seconds without the use of any tools. Works with Hedge Shear No.18652.