Gardeneer by Dalen Trellis Netting for Verticle Gardening- 5ft x 30ft

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Gardeneer by Dalen’s heavy-duty, tangle-free nylon trellis netting is ideal for growing tomatoes, peas, and vining crops.

  • Measures:  5' x 30'   (150 sq ft)
  • Also works as a SCROG net for Screen of Green gardens
  • HIGHEST QUALITY MESH: This durable nylon netting is proudly made in the USA with premium quality, heavy duty 7" mesh, a unique material that is weatherproof, not easy to tear, and supported by our money back guarantee.
  • HEAVY DUTY: Our rugged vining crop netting is a suitable support mesh for heavy load plants of up to 60lbs. Grow your plants to their maximum potential and save money and time by avoiding costly repairs or collapsed plants.
  • EASY HARVESTING: Conveniently harvest your crops without having to remove the entire mesh netting from your home garden. Our Gardeneer by Dalen trellis netting features a 7-inch reach through feature that makes it possible to harvest fast and easily.
  • SIMPLE DIY INSTALLATION: The Gardeneer by Dalen trellis netting is available in 3 different sizes according to your individual needs and features a user-friendly and tangle-free design that is easy to install without requiring expensive professional tools.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: As with all our products, we offer a money-back guarantee. If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, reach out to us, and we will make it right.

When looking to do some backyard gardening, space is of prime importance. It’s for this reason that as Gardeneer by Dalen, we avail to you this trellis netting. This nylon netting comes in handy in helping you make the most of your small home garden to grow plants in a conducive manner that encourages a bountiful yield. Our heavy-duty nylon netting for gardening is the ideal product for vining crops that need mesh support to encourage vertical growth. This vining crop garden netting will form an ideal option for home gardeners who would like an alternative to the usual insertion of posts and other stamps in the garden to help the growth the vining crops like tomatoes and peas.

Our Gardeneer by Dalen trellis garden netting mesh is available in multiple sizes to ensure that you can get a vertical plant growth netting that meets your specific gardening needs. The size variants available are; 5’ by 15’, 5’ by 30’, 5’ by 60’. No matter the size of your backyard garden, you can count on our plant support nylon nets to suit your particular needs. We design this mesh netting for plant growth support such that they are heavy duty and can support heavy crop loads of up to 60lbs without breaking. Moreover, the plant growth netting is also tangle-free to ensure that you will not experience any frustrations when looking to tend to your crops or even if you need to remove the netting from your garden. This soft non-burning net will protect your tender crops and their foliage to ensure that your plants can grow well at that critical stage. When it comes to the harvesting season, this large 7-inch reach through net makes it easy for you to harvest the crops without having to undo their entire mesh.