Fertilome Natural Guard Natural and Organic All Purpose Plant Food, 12lbs

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Give your plants all of the essential nutrients to grow bigger, stronger, more colorful and yield more blooms!

Product Details

  • For use in vegetables, roses, ornamentals, flowers, evergreens, shrubs, and trees
  • OMRI listed for organic use, safe for use around your family and pets
  • Formulation 4-4-4
  • Formulated with beneficial microorganisms
  • No harmful chemicals

Fertilome Natural Guard Natural and Organic All Purpose Granular Plant Food 4-4-4 is a highly effective fertilizer that provides nutrients to plants. Contains the right amount of nitrogen, phosphate, and soluble potash, helping plants grow healthy. It is an all-natural option for gardening that is ideal to use on flowers, trees, shrubs, ornamentals, roses, and evergreens. This plant food is uniquely formulated with beneficial microorganisms that give nutrients to the soil. OMRI listed so it is proven to be made with natural and organic ingredients. Safe to use near and around pets and people because it contains no harmful chemicals.